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In a society that is increasingly less personal and more individualistic Hanna Helps wants to provide a different sound. Customized, personal assistance, one-on-one contact. Hanna Helps is specialized in assisting entrepreneurs, expats, highly skilled migrants and students, but is available to anyone that is interested.


  • Hanna Sohier

    Hanna Sohier

    Hanna Helps is based around the expertise and experience of Hanna Sohier. By having lived abroad herself for some time she knows exactly how complicated and confusing that transition can be; a different language, culture and other obligations. 'I just wish there would have been something like Hanna Helps to make my stay easier back then'. That is the motive for setting up Hanna Helps. She has gained a lot of knowledge in the field of translation, tax, business advise, relationship management and guidance through previous work experience.

    I just wish there would have been something like Hanna Helps to make my stay easier when I lived abroad.

  • Paul Grobbe

    Paul Grobbe

    business consultant

    It is very inspiring to assist people who are taking the big leap by starting a business adventure in the Netherlands. I greatly enjoy helping new entrepreneurs to formalize their ideas into fully realized business and financial plans. And I find much pleasure in providing tax advise by giving simple and accessible explanations and tips. Because that's what I would like too, if I'd just moved to another country. I have worked for multiple government institutions and assisted in many successful immigration applications.

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Please contact Hanna Helps to get a personalized overview of our services via or During a free introductory meeting (face-to-face, by phone or by email) your wishes are discussed.