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Entrepreneurial services

Service Plan Entrepreneurs


– Introduction to an immigration lawyer either before or upon arrival
– Writing your Business and Financial plan for immigration purposes (Point System, Start-up Visa, Recognized Sponsorship, Artist Visa, Dutch American Friendship Treaty, Dutch Japanese Trade Agreement, and other applications)

cost range €1000 – €1500  (€180 – €300 for just the financial plan)

Getting Started

– Advise on how to set up your business and a crash course in the Dutch tax system
– Assisting with/accompanying you to the Chamber of Commerce and notary
– Request 30% ruling (if applicable)

cost €60 per hour

Throughout the year

– Assistance with filing your quarterly vat declaration
– Assistance with filing your yearly income tax declaration
– Preparation of your annual report

– Translating
– Preparing legal documents
– Filling out forms
– Writing letters in Dutch

cost €60 per hour
For translating and general advise it is also possible to get a subscription for €30 per month.

Hanna Helps will present you with a personal offer based on your specific wishes. Hanna Helps always works with a fixed fee, so no unexpected cost.