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  • Hanna was the integral factor to obtaining my entrepreneurial visa for the Netherlands. From the get-go, despite my line of work being somewhat of an unusual field for this type of visa application, Hanna took on the challenge with a generous spirit, and guided me forthrightly every step of the way. She is very smart, extremely knowledgeable, flexible, patient, honest, and easy to work with. I couldn't have asked for better help and support. I am forever grateful to Hanna for helping me obtain my visa, but also appreciate and understand the 'business' side of my organization. Thank you Hanna.

  • Hanna is exactly the right person I am looking for: professional, warmhearted, friendly, efficient, always aware of what/when/where/how to prepare things well to start your own career in Netherlands, especially when filled with fear and ignorance facing unfamiliar and desperate situations in a nation on the other side of my homeland. Furthermore, she also helps a lot to really review and outlook what the structure of my company should be if I want everything running smoothly. Now I am heading for my goal, and regardless of any result, I will say thanks again to her for her generous help.

  • Having the Hanna Helps stamp at the end of my financial and business plan has given me absolute confidence that I have put my best foot forward in applying for my Entrepreneur Visa. Not only that, but during the whole process I was able to view my company under the microscope so that I can now put my best foot forward in the real world! Paul was able to understand and translate my business and ambitions into a business and financial plan perfectly.

  • Hanna is a very very helpful and professional business consultant. Hanna has taken the time to answer all my expat questions, giving me time to focus on business and personal growth. She always answers emails and phone calls quickly, and she has a wealth of knowledge about most questions a new expat might ask. She even gives friendly little reminders of financial deadlines, and works hard to make sure paperwork is in order. She gives friendly real advice, and never makes me feel stupid for asking even the simplest questions, which is invaluable to me.

  • Hanna has been instrumental in setting up my business and obtaining a self-employment visa. A process which could have been an ordeal was a breeze with her help. Hanna is a pleasure to work with; always professional, friendly, courteous, reliable and detail-oriented. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone with exceptional people-skills and expertise. I am truly grateful for all her help and support.

  • Hanna is very friendly and helpful from the very beginning (I felt it already through the first email) to the end of my application. She helped me to have a very clear structure about the business plan and what I should prepare for the application based on her experiences. The business plan in the end is very impressive, since Hanna wrote it very structurally and at the same time added her overall analysis from the financial point of view in my business field. I felt very comfortable to work with Hanna through the whole process, thanks to her quick answers, suggestions and great encouragements to me.

  • When I first contacted Hanna in regard to writing a business and a financial plan, she immediately struck me as a very understanding, open and genuinely friendly person. Dealing with a self-employment visa application can be very intimidating and distressing, but with Hanna I felt guided throughout the whole process. She gave me so much indispensable advice, I am truly thankful for her expert assistance. Hanna came up with detailed business and financial plans to support my application and provided all kinds of important information I would otherwise never learn. She is a pleasure to deal with on both professional and personal levels and has impeccable work ethics and time management skills. Hanna‚Äôs expertise is really an incredible asset for everyone setting up business in The Netherlands.

  • I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Hanna. Before I knew about her services I was very overwhelmed with my Visa application process. Hanna understood immediately my vision for setting up my own business in the Netherlands. She helped me all the way through the process and also gave me practical advice to about immigrating to Amsterdam. I highly recommend Hanna.

  • Writing a good, well thought out and constructive business plan for a starting entrepreneur is a daunting task. Hanna stands out when it comes to creating such a business plan! She has a talent for constructing a business plan and financial forecast by providing her with various information about your business such as; the goals, vision, mission and future plans. I was impressed and pleased with the final product. I truly recommend her when you want to have a professional business plan that can profile your company in the best way possible

  • To begin my own business in the Netherlands was a great challenge in my life, but Hanna really helped me a lot with her professional knowledge and rich experience on self-employment applications. Besides this, I am quite impressed by her efficient time management, and she always reacts very quick during communication. She is very courteous and helpful, enthusiastic about telling me all kinds of information I need for my application, which is actually beyond the work I asked, she is more like a very kind friend than a consultant. Thus, I highly appreciate all her help and strongly recommend Hanna Helps to assist your affairs in the Netherlands.

  • To start one's own business is an exciting yet daunting endevour, and to proceed such a feat in an unfamiliar country, renders the matter even more difficult. However, with the assistance of Hanna Helps I cannot imagine a process made any simpler. Hanna's knowledge, expertise and time management was impeccable, furthermore, her enthusiasm and courtesy is genuine and one of a kind. I cannot praise her assistance highly enough.

  • My family and I arrived in the beginning of 2011 in the Netherlands. And we were in desperate need of trustworthy support. We are very happy that we found Hanna. She supported us by answering the questions an expat has to answer, not being able to speak the Dutch language. Next to being pleasant to work with, Hanna proved to be an expert coach in finding our way in the unknown Dutch laws and regulations.

  • I liked working with you before. You did a lot of hand holding and whenever something is new and scary it's good to have someone who's available. Also you always said you would take care of it. I never felt like I was doing it alone.